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South East Asia December 2012 – January 2013


Six months on and I have finally dug up the old travellers blog. I will be starting off with a series of seven accounts about our travels across South East Asia around the Christmas and New Year period. Sorry for bombarding you with so many at once, but we hope you enjoy them!! :)

Monday, 24th December

- Last minute run around and packing, along with the sudden arrival of my new smart phone! Talk about perfect timing! Scott kindly dropped us off at the airport and off we went! -

A short flight brought us to Singapore and since we only had hand luggage, it was really easy to find the exit, get our visa stamp and head out into the big city. Our good friend Pablo had given us these SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit ) passes, which we used to get from Changi aiport to the marina. It was late in the evening and all the grand buildings were beautifully lit up, making for a nice evening stroll. We were there just as the clock stroke 12 into Christmas Day. As one of few whiteys, many locals came to greet us and wish us all the best for the festivities. It was lovely.

DSC_0013.jpg 39F5A5952219AC68174EE8BA3D41CE7E.jpg

When we got back to the airport, we tried to check in and get into the main departure gates, but the counters were closed, which meant we had to spend the night on the spot. Changi airport is ridiculously air-conditioned and we were both really feeling the cold, which made it hard to get some proper sleep...

Tuesday, 25th December

Cold and moody, we woke up early and headed back into the city with the SMRT. We thought we might as well make the most of our day here, instead of just sulking around in the airport. We found a really nice bakery, which immediately lifted our spirits. We walked on, not really knowing where to go and ended up taking some tourist snapshots of the Merlion.


From there, we made our way to China Town where we visited an Indian temple. Entrance to certain parts of the worshipping areas were restricted to foreigners, but we could still have a good walk around. It was bright, colourful and happy :)


Not far from there, was The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

DSC_0080.jpg 39D705BC2219AC68173124FC9FEBD967.jpg

We had a good walk around the place, which served as both a temple as well as a museum. It was very interesting. As well as the hawker's market that served us a really cheap and tasty lunch. Bellies filled, we made our way back to the airport where it was at last time to head to Vietnam. Woohoo!

We would be coming back to Singapore for a full day at the end of our trip. You can see the pictures of both trips here, by following this public and free link: Singapore Pictures

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We Are Back!!

Dear blog-readers (though probably "ex-" blog-readers after my lenghty neglect),
remember us?
From tomorrow onwards, I will be bombarding you with a series of long overdue blog posts. So don't be shocked when your inbox suddenly fills in with alerts urging you to come and read up on our "latest" adventures!
Hope you are all well and happy,
love from Ben and Emilie xxx

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Recap November and December

Oh dear, oh dear... I completely forgot to give you our little overview of November and December, but as you may have guessed they were crazily busy times for us, work-wise. During our free time, we spent many a days sightseeing with Scott and Adrienn. We did so much together, that I was tempted to get us t-shirts with "The Mitaros Mob" printed on them - we made a right tight posse! ;) Unfortunately, Adrienn's time in Australia was coming to an end, so before she departed back to her native Hungary, we made sure to see as much of Darwin and surroundings as possible. We went to every single market, tried out a handful of restaurants together, and as per usual, we had many day-trips organised.

Scott had friends cruising the world with a planned stop in Darwin. They were a lovely Canadian couple with two gorgeous young children and Scott rented a big vehicle so that we could go out and have some fun together. It was on a Monday, so poor Bennie had to miss out, but the rest of us all joined in and went off to see the "Jumping Croc" spectacle on the Adelaide river.

Jumping Croc ride!

Spunky steals the show!

One Sunday afternoon, we took the ferry to Mandorrah. We arrived there, walked a few meters to the local pub and sat down for the remainder of the afternoon with a cold drink in our hands enjoying the soulful beats of Bob Marley in the background. The owners offered to have us use their pool and were quite happy for us all to jump in fully clothed when we exclaimed that we forgot to bring our bathing suits. It was a funny experience! There really wasn't much to the place, but it felt really good just to get away from it all and we had a wonderful time!

mandorrah.jpg DSC_0931.jpg

You may remember that we took a trip down to "Crocodylus Park" early October? As if that wasn't enough of an experience, we decided to all pay a visit to "Crocosaurus Cove" as well. This place is situated slap bang in the centre of town and focused on reptiles and water creatures, unlike the zoo-like animals that were found at the other place. Adrienn's Hungarian friend Norbert joined us for the day and it was another great and educational outing.

DCE8948B2219AC68174A12BCD272D6B9.jpg DCE1F6E32219AC681744725E3C00FDE6.jpg
Crocosaurus Cove

Another outing took us to Wildlife Park, near Berry Springs.

Wildlife Park

We ended the day with a really nice meal at Humpty Doo Pub. It is a quaint little spot, with an outback feel to it. That evening, a live band was performing the cheesiest hits of the golden days and Scott and I had a right laugh belting the lyrics out with the woman. We had so much fun that after dinner we stayed on for another hour or so, dancing around to the music in the car park.

Saying goodbye to Adrienn was probably one of the toughest moments during those months. She had become the heart and soul of our little apartment and we had such a strong bond with her. The love and friendship we got from her was really wonderful, but Australia just was not the place for her. She left us some scrumptious home made chocolates with a note that read: "Can miles truly seperate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?". Can't word it much better than that! Adrienn, we miss you so much!!

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Looking back...

Happy new year! We hope 2013 has been treating you well so far! There is definitely no complaining on our front. We started the year doing what we love best: travelling, making new memories, meeting wonderful people and enjoying life to the fullest.

Looking back, 2012 has without a doubt been an extraordinary year full of surprises. We experienced some of the world's most magical hidden gems and have had some incredible people walk into our lives. The other day, whilst Regina Spektor's "Human of the Year" was playing in the background, I was wondering who we would give our award to. When that task becomes an impossible feat, as was the case for us, that's when you know that you are one hell of a lucky person and we have on numerous occasions been humbled by the kindness, love and generosity that was extended to us throughout the year. 2012 started in the middle of nowhere on New Zealand's South Island, relaxing at some hot springs. It ended in cold misty Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, floating away on a rusty old junk boat.

New Year's Day in Ha Long Bay

I don't think either of us would have been able to envisage how the year would unfold. During the first five months, we continued helping out host-families across New Zealand before making the rather tough decision to try our luck in Australia. We settled on Darwin and our first months there were not without their difficulties. But we slowly found our feet and vowed to make the most of whatever opportunity came our way. We are now half way through our working holiday visa, once again confronted with the need to decide on where to go and what to do next. The age old dilemma of two modern-day nomads. And a story, which we will make sure to share with you as it unwraps itself. Sometimes we wish someone could lend us an insight into the future, assure us all will be right or give us a hint as to what we should decide, but what would the fun in that be, right? ;)

Come what may, we hope you will face 2013 with much joy-de-vivre and hope it will be a beauty!
Much love to you all and may you have a wonderful new year!

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

We would love to wish all our lovely blog readers a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year!

Merry Christmas from the tropics!

We have all survived the Apocalypse, so whatever the world wishes to throw at us will surely be a breeze! It is yet another year where we have to miss out on spending the festive season with our loved ones, but as someone very dear to us once said: "As long as you have each other, you have everything!"

And so we set off on another trip of a life-time, ticking off a destination that has long featured on our bucket list: Vietnam! This evening, we set off to Singapore, where we will spend almost a full day before taking a plane on Christmas Day to Vietnam. We will start our travels in Hanoi, but that is about as much as we were able to plan. We don't usually play things by ear, but we have been so busy that planning and organising was not much of an option. We fly out of Ho Chi Minh City, in the South, so what we do know is that we have to at some point try and make it across the country. This is an excellent excuse to see as much as possible and if time allows it, we are hoping to have a cheeky little visit in Cambodia as well. One thing is certain: you will hear all about it when we get back!

Anyway, without further ado: we both wish you a wonderful festive season and send you all our love!
Ben and Emilie xx

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